Before we start…

For this class, you’ll need to install some software and register for some tools. Go to the course software page to get setup before we get started with class.

For new students

Students should have taken EMSE 4574: Programming for Analytics or have experience working with data in at least one programming language. If you’re not sure whether you have the necessary prerequisite skills, you can try and get up to speed by completing this optional course prerequisites assignment before class starts. Once class starts, it may be difficult to keep up without this background, and it may be more beneficial to wait and take this course next year after taking Programming for Analytics.

Class notes


  • Use and to navigate through the slides.
  • Use f to toggle full screen.
  • Use o to view an overview of all slides.
  • Use h to see a list of other shortcuts.

EMSE 4575: Exploratory Data Analysis (Spring 2021)
Wednesdays | 12:45 - 3:15 PM | Dr. John Paul Helveston | |