Spring 2021 Project Showcase

Would you get into an autonomous vehicle?

by Leah Kaplan

🗑️ Janitor Award winner for messiest data cleaning 🎉

Electric Vehicle Forecasts in the US

by Helena Rowe and Bridget Carl

Should Money be able to buy Olympic Medals?

by Izzy Doran, Omar Alkhadra, and Alejandro Medina

Genders in the Workforce

by Alexa Rosdahl, Katie Fagan, and Gabriel Bahia De Sousa

Shiny Award winner for best individual data viz 🎉

Lewis Hamilton: The Car or The Driver

by Matthew Perlow, Omar Al-za’atreh, and Cooper May

NFL Suspensions

by Ebunoluwa Akinbode, Kyara McDowell, and Kareemot Siyanbola

Poverty and its Implications on Energy Use and Carbon Emissions

by Kazi Asifa Ashrafi, Michael O’Keefe, and Eliese Ottinger