Fall 2023 Project Showcase

Cuban’s Migration

by Sabina Pereira, Federica Negron, and Marena Marzari

Characterizing Crimes in Los Angeles

by Dilrose Karakattil and Harshita Bharadwaj

Parking Violations in Washington DC

by Arsema Demeke, Kaitlyn Frost, Amna Maqsood, and Lola Nurullaeva

Market Pricing Strategies for Different Brands of Mobile Phones

by Ji Qi (祁绩) and Zeyu Cheng (程泽宇)

From Past to Present: Analyzing Key Economic Metrics and the Shadows of Recessions

by Nishanth Nandakumar and Sai Kiran Reddy Vellanki

Shiny Award winner for best individual data viz 🎉

Advancements in Solar and Wind Energy in the USA

by Pingfan Hu and Abbey Kollar

Ukraine After 21 Months

by Bogdan Bunea, Ian Milko, Collin Schwab, and Rayyan Hussien
🗑️ Janitor Award winner for messiest data cleaning 🎉

Paying for Prestige: Analysis of University Rankings

by Ayomide Ojo, Sahale Reese, Benyat Yimaj, and Youssouf Toure

WMATA Ridership

by Abdullah Alghamdi, Ziqian Yang, and Arman Naseh