Fall 2022 Project Showcase

CO2 Offset Project Investigation

by Abdallah Omari, Majd Shatara, Mansour Alhawwas, and Sebastian Makrides

College Completion Rates by Race, Gender, and US States

by Ivanna Hidalgo, Natasha Stallings, Lauren Monk, and Kidist Bekele

Relationship between Covid 19 pandemic and the income equality among states

by Jiyoon Koo, Amaya Walker, and Sahand Salemi

🗑️ Janitor Award winner for messiest data cleaning 🎉

DC Vehicle Crashes

by Ben Buechner, Parker Reese, Max Feng, and Vijay Jayamani
Shiny Award winner for best individual data viz 🎉

Revenue streams for Drake vs. Beyonce

by Gujri Ahluwalia, Salah Mohammed, and Esha Patel

Population Growth Rates in Differing Countries

by Brynna Johnson, Islay Van Dusen, and Claire Foley

Fighting for Gold: Ranking in the Premier League

by Karim Rizk, Ryan Cedeno, Amen Dahab, and Marvin Castillo